Friday, October 9, 2009

Get To Know - Crumbles Cupcakery

Via Twitter I connected with Sara and Allison of Crumbles Cupcakery. They are a new cupcake business in Grand Rapids and with first hand knowledge I can tell you that their treats are AMAZING!!!! The ladies of Crumbles are fantastic and they are coming up with unique new recipes all the time, for the fall they have a Pumpkin Pie Cupcake....I'm drooling just writing about it!! A little more about Crumbles Cupcakery...

  1. What type of services do you offer?

Crumbles Cupcakery provides made-to-order gourmet cupcakes that are made with the highest quality and freshest ingredients available. We also use local products whenever possible. All of our cupcakes are made from scratch using tested and approved recipes! As a small business, we believe very strongly in not only supporting other local businesses but also creating a community of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to offering the best services possible to West Michigan.

Crumbles Cupcakery is available for small events such as birthday parties, christenings and showers, and large events like weddings and community soirees. We work with each client individually to customize our cupcake flavors and designs to ensure that everybody’s tastes are well suited!

  1. How long have you been in the wedding industry and where are you located?

Crumbles Cupcakery is brand new! Owners and principal bakers Allison and Sara began Crumbles in May 2009 and have been overwhelmingly encouraged by the response we’ve had! We currently work on an online, order-by-order basis. Please feel free to contact us at for menu and pricing and check out our cupcake portfolio at

  1. What type of clients do you like to work with (traditional, modern, etc.)?

Everybody loves a cupcake and Crumbles Cupcakery loves everybody! We are pleased to work with clients of all different aesthetics, styles and tastes. Simple adjustments such as the kind of icing tip we use to top the cakes or the type of decorations that adorn the icing can make a cupcake mod, cute, elegant, sophisticated and everything in between!

Crumbles also offers a wide range of display settings that help create a perfect “cupcakescape” to match every occasion. Because we love new ideas and we enjoy experimenting with new looks, if our client has something particular in mind we’re more than happy to try to make it happen. That goes for cupcake flavors too! We find there is no shortage of flavor ideas and we love to try them all!

  1. Is there anything within your business that you specialize in?

While not necessarily a specialty, we do try to add a creative spin and extra detail into our cupcakes – every little thing counts towards the final creation! For example, we swirl cinnamon into the shortbread crust for our Pumpkin Pie cupcake, making a delicious, flaky and spiced base for adding on pumpkin cake, filled with homemade pumpkin custard. We also use unique ingredients, such as Coquito liqueur – a Puerto Rican cream brandy, used to create a sensational icing for our It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere cupcake. Our Dulce de Leche (South American caramel) is a family recipe that we use as a filling in several of our cupcakes. We’re constantly trying to innovate and dream up new ideas – the cupcake clock never stops!

5. What do you think sets you apart from other vendors in the industry?

Well, for starters, we make cupcakes! The Grand Rapids cupcake scene is really developing, but Crumbles Cupcakery remains one of first in the area that provides all cupcakes all the time. Also, while Crumbles offers many classic flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and carrot cake, we are also inspired by global flavors, which we turn into unique and flavorful cupcakes combinations that you won’t find anywhere else! One of our most popular cupcakes, the Taj Mahal, is infused with the flavors of an Indian sweet that incorporates pistachios, cardamom and cinnamon. Yum! If you’re looking for traditional, we certainly have it, and if you like something a little unfamiliar (but always delicious) then we have that too!

6. When you’re not busy working, how do you like to spend your downtime?

Creating new cupcakes, of course! J Well, both of us come from large families, so we definitely love spending time with them! We also volunteer locally with nonprofit organizations and like to be out and about in Grand Rapids as much as we can!

7. What is one crazy story of something that has happened while you were working?

We’ve been fairly lucky so far that nothing too crazy has happened at Crumbles Cupcakery, though we’re sure our day is coming! We have had some baking disasters in our kitchens but thankfully only while we were testing new recipes and not working on a big order. There have definitely been a few dozen cupcakes that have gone straight from the oven to the trash, and maybe even a few tears shed in the kitchen, but nothing catastrophic yet!