Friday, April 16, 2010

Trends I Love - Guys with Style

Not every wedding is a good match with wearing the traditional black tux and not every guy wants to wear one quite frankly. Grooms these days (with a little help from their significant other, I'm sure) are finding their own style on their wedding day. Whether it be from a funky tie or vest, a colorful pair of socks or even a completely unique look head to toe, it is being done. One fun idea I've seen done was that the groom, best man, groomsmen and ushers all wore different striped neck ties in the wedding colors depending on their "title". And then there is the casual outdoors or beach wedding that a nice sweater or dress shirt and khakis may flow.

(inspiration board from the wedding co)

Of course, I still love a man in a black tux when the occasion is appropriate, such as formal indoor or church ceremonies.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hair Styles for Amazing Accessories

Since I talked about Amazing Accessories yesterday, I thought some of you might want to see some ideas on how to wear your hair using those accessories. Here are a few pictures using great hair clips, combs, broaches, and a bird cage veil.

(all images from

And if you don't think you have enough hair to get the style you want, don't despair, talk to your hair stylist. What they can do these days with real and synthetic hair extensions and pieces is fantastic!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trends I Love - Amazing Accessories

Brides are beginning to get creative with their accessories for the big day. They are going from veils to head pieces and white shoes to bold colored shoes. Brides are even wearing traditional veils and shoes for the ceremony and then changing it up for the reception, how fun is that? Wearing unique accessories on your big day is a great way to show your style even more, plus...they make for some amazing detail photographs!

I desperately want these pink shoes!!!

Here are a few great vendors/locations where you can pick up some fun and unique pieces for your big day.

September's Bride - veils (traditional/non-traditional) jewelry, wraps, boleros, etc.

Pixel and Hank - Handmade accessories, hair clips, head bands, shoes clips

Kate DeKoster Handmade - Hair pieces, jewelry

Monday, April 12, 2010

Trends I Love - Coordinating Bridesmaid Dresses

One of my favorite current trends is the bride having her maids wear coordinating dresses in a similar color palette. I think it gives so much depth and interest to the wedding party. It's nice for the girls themselves to be given the flexibility to choose a dress that fits their body type and style as well. Along with different colors they also are having the maids pick from dresses in the same color but different styles, lengths and necklines. Another plus of this trend is the "wear again" philosophy, most of these dresses can be worn again on a different occasion and if the bridesmaids had a hand in picking their dress they are more likely to wear it again.

Wish I would have thought to do this when we got married!

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