Friday, October 30, 2009

Get To Know - DJ Vybes

  1. What type of services do you offer?

DJ Services is my specialty. I feature in occasional club scenes and also cater to various functions including Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, Private Parties, Holiday Parties, Family Gatherings, Anniversary Parties, etc. Name it, I cater to it.

  1. How long have you been in the industry and where are you located?

I’ve been a Disc Jockey for over 10 years. I am based in Holland, Michigan but take pride in being open enough to go pretty much wherever the client is.

  1. Is there anything within your business that you specialize in?

Mixing music and incorporating various styles of the art, eliminating dead air, and playing tunes that move the crowd. My goal is to always infuse electric energy, keep the crowd on their feet and entertained throughout the night. I like the challenge of mixing genres you’d never think possible;, example a rock n roll song with a country ballad…

  1. What do you think sets you apart from other vendors in the industry?

A personal touch and great customer service! In addition to my DJ role, I wear the cap of an event planner/organizer. I like to pay attention to small details like getting to know the client’s taste, their guests tastes, themes, visiting venues before hand, etc. I also negotiate contracts or service terms on a client’s behalf. These qualities and more, I find, are key to pulling off successful events and make a big difference in the grand scheme of things.

5. What is THE most requested song? Have you ever had any really bizarre requests?

Wow! There are several but if I had to pick one song I’d have to say the “Electric Slide.” As for bizarre requests, none comes to mind at the moment. Each client/event is unique.

6. When you’re not busy working, how do you like to spend your downtime?

I somehow find myself mixing music for fun, listening to it, reading a good book, or watching a movie. I also enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, jogging, and photography.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Traditions - The Bouquet Toss

Lately, at most of my consultations, my couples have one or more tradition that they want to stray from. When they tell me this they always get quiet and look at me like they are anticipating to hear "GASP!!! What!?" out of my mouth. But the answer they usually get is "Great! Let's make this exactly how YOU want it, nothing says you have to use all the traditions". So I decided I was going to post a little bit about the main traditions, their origins and other options you have. Let's start with...

The Bouquet Toss:

(okay, I had to use this picture I found here, for so many reasons!!! Talk about non-traditional!! Love the girl in the bikini.)

The origin of the bouquet toss goes back to the fourteenth century. Guests believed that it was good luck to get a piece of the brides dress. Often one of the ribbons tied into the dress to bring the bride herself good luck. The "well-wishers" would rush the bride to get this good luck. In a way to try and protect themselves and appease the crowd brides began tossing their bouquets at the guests.

If your guest list doesn't have many single ladies (you're singing right now aren't you?) or you just want to do something a little different. Here are some alternatives to tossing a bouquet.

  • Present the bouquet to a special friend or family member (either privately or publicly)
  • Have a "couples dance", where the DJ announces certain number of years (such as 5 years or less) and couples that have been married longer than that stay until you get to the couple that has been together the longest and give the bouquet to the wife.
  • Florists can make breakaway bouquets that would be multiple little bouquets all tied together and when thrown they break apart, that way multiple ladies win!
Whatever you decide to do for your big day, just remember one thing...have fun and be creative with it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anniversary Journal

A few years ago I bought a journal. The title on the front says "Cherished Hopes, Treasured Dreams". It is a pretty book with a quote on every few pages like: "Recall it as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears out." - Libbie Fudim. The purpose of this journal was to record Derek and I's marriage so that someday when our children and grandchildren wanted to have that history it would be all written down for them. My goal was to write in it on every anniversary and tell about the past year in our life together. A wonderful and beautiful goal, I believed and still do.

I just came across this journal again while organizing and when I flipped it open I noticed I have only recorded one year of our six together. At first it made me sad, then I wondered why this is and I think that every time I come across the journal it isn't our anniversary so I set it aside until the next year. What a stupid thought! Just because it's not the exact date of our wedding doesn't mean I can't reminisce about the year that has just past us.

I think I'm going to sit down tonight and write in the journal - I'm only a month late this year. How can I not want to share the joys the past year have brought us...our son!!! And then someday when we are gone he will be able to share our love and our family with his own. Maybe I will even start adding a picture each year!!

Do you do anything special to document your years together? Maybe this would be a great thing to begin on your honeymoon together. Reminisce about the wedding and talk about your goals for the future.