Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Non-Traditional Bridal Bouquets

When it comes to weddings, as of late, there is nothing that is left being untouched by the non-traditional stick. Among the current trends that I love such as colored shoes and hair accessories instead of veils is the use of non-traditional bridal bouquets.

I'm so glad that brides don't feel like they have to have a bouquet of white flowers just because they are the bride. I love when a bride carries a brightly colored bouquet, it pops against her dress and looks amazing in pictures. And I especially love when brides stray away from the traditional flowers of roses and calla lilies and go for something more outside of the box.

Here are some ideas for bridal bouquets if you are looking for something a little more trendy and a little less traditional.


This bouquet has amazing texture made up of cockscomb, dahlias, coneflowers, scabiosa pods and muted mixed greens.

Bridal Bouquet: Visual Lyrics, Round Rock, TX

This gorgeous bouquet is made by grouping of blooms, including tulips, dahlias and roses.

Bridal Bouquet: Prive Floral, Austin, TX

This amazing bouquet is Black Magic roses, plum calla lilies, deep-red peonies, ranunculus and cymbidium orchids.

Bridal Bouquet: Daniel Events, Delray Beach, FL


FEATHERS!!! This is so fun and flirty. You can purchase this bouquet here on Etsy.

Wheat! What a perfect bouquet for a fall harvest themed wedding.

Now this one is an amazing DIY bouquet made from BUTTONS! How adorable is this! What a great way to tie in your theme.

Be creative with the types of flowers you use in your bouquet, use lots of texture or bold colors. And even go non-floral if you feel so inclined! It's your big day, express yourself in every aspect of it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Get To Know - Spark Creative Photography

One of the biggest reasons I love my job is because of all the wonderful people and amazing vendors I get to meet. Rose Petrowski of Spark Creative Photography is one of those people. After being friends on Facebook and following along on Twitter, Rose and I finally met in person at the Lakeshore Wedding & Event Professionals event back in January. Please get to know....Spark Creative Photography!

1. What type of services do you offer?

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer. I also do senior pictures, maternity pictures, baby pictures, and family portraits. Engagement sessions are some of my favorites!

2. How long have you been in the photography industry and where are you located?

I have been a photographer for much of my life. I was always the member of the family who took all the holiday, birthday, and graduation photos. I have been in the wedding industry since 2007. I am located in Grand Rapids, MI but have photographed weddings all over lower and central Michigan. I am willing to travel and would LOVE to do a destination wedding some day!

3. What type of clients do you like to work with (traditional, modern, etc.)?

I like to work with a variety of people. I sincerely enjoy unique people. I adore talking with anyone about their relationship; how they fell in love, the proposal story, and finally all the plans they have for the big day.

4. How would you classify your style of photography?

I shoot a combination of posed and documentary style photos. My main goal while I am photographing a wedding it to capture real moments that happen. Recreating the smile a groom gives his bride when he first sees her in her dress is impossible. The same holds true for a father walking his daughter down the aisle or grandparents proudly watching on as new union is formed. These are the “magic” moments in life that I strive to capture.

5. When you’re not busy working, how do you like to spend your downtime?

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my fabulous husband. Together we like to travel, garden, peruse rummage sales, and admire antiques. I love spending time outdoors camping, hiking, swimming, and kayaking. My family and friends are my cheerleaders and support network so being with them is a priority when I’m not working.

6. What is one crazy story of something that has happened while you were working?

I had an unfortunate clothing mishap once when photographing a wedding. I purchased a new silk button down blouse and wore it for the first time to a wedding. It was not stitched together well and started to unravel part way through the morning. I managed to fasten it together with safety pins, borrowed from the bride, but by the end of the evening, it was barely holding. I had to keep my Shoot Sac tightly stretched across me to keep my top together. It was awful. I will never wear a button down shirt to a wedding again!

Thanks Rose for sharing with us!!