Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kate and Piet - Featured!!

One of our favorite weddings from last summer, Kate and Piet Beyer, was featured by Shore Bride Magazine online. Thanks to Steven F. Fox Photography for submitting it!!

Check the links here and here out to see more about this awesome wedding!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Trends I Love - Non-Traditional Tables

Looking for a unique way to seat your guests? Sick of the traditional round banquet tables? Brides these days are getting creative in EVERY aspect of their planning and this includes the type of tables they use. Depending on the size of your guest list and the layout of your venue you can do a couple of different things. For smaller weddings, one long table utilizing both sides would make the dinner feel very intimate and personal.

If you either don't have the space in your venue or just want to break it up a little, consider doing several rectangular guests tables.

Or if you are looking for something very unique and you have ample space to use, check out these serpentine tables. Now wouldn't that get the guests talking! And very memorable as well.

But of course, there is nothing to say you can use a little of everything! I love this look...

Are there other set ups that you have seen and really liked? Are you planning something different for your guests? I'd love to hear about them.

This post wraps up my series on "Trends I Love", I hope you enjoyed following along! If you missed any of the previous posts you can find them listed below:

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trends I Love - Lovely Linens

I've already said that one thing I would change about my wedding was the photography. If I had to pick something else I would change it would be that we didn't use anything but standard linens, chocolate floor length linens would have looked AMAZING under my centerpieces. If you want your tables to make a statement but don't want to go over board with your centerpieces, use linens. Gorgeous linens make all the difference, they can help add depth and texture to your overall look.

There are so many great ways to incorporate color using different linens. Full table linens, runners, overlays, and of course selecting a coordinating look for the napkins or chair ties.

Love this idea too! This couple used maps to cover their tabletops, it helped to incorporate their theme of travel and flight. No one says that tables have to be covered with fabric!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Trends I Love - Creative Ring Shots

When we were married almost 7 years ago I didn't know much about photography and so I just went with someone that was more traditional, the same person my sister had used. Photography is the one major thing I would change about our wedding, I wish I would have hired someone more creative. One of my favorite things photographers are doing these days are the awesome and creative shots of the couples rings. It might not be a brand new trend but it's still a trend I love.

This is the shot we have of our rings...

Uh....yeah....pretty standard and traditional.

Oh how I wish I had some awesome shots of our rings, like these from a few West Michigan photographers.

(image courtesy of En Vida Studio)

(image from Amy Carroll Photography)

(Image courtesy of En Vida Studio)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Trends I Love - Guys with Style

Not every wedding is a good match with wearing the traditional black tux and not every guy wants to wear one quite frankly. Grooms these days (with a little help from their significant other, I'm sure) are finding their own style on their wedding day. Whether it be from a funky tie or vest, a colorful pair of socks or even a completely unique look head to toe, it is being done. One fun idea I've seen done was that the groom, best man, groomsmen and ushers all wore different striped neck ties in the wedding colors depending on their "title". And then there is the casual outdoors or beach wedding that a nice sweater or dress shirt and khakis may flow.

(inspiration board from the wedding co)

Of course, I still love a man in a black tux when the occasion is appropriate, such as formal indoor or church ceremonies.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hair Styles for Amazing Accessories

Since I talked about Amazing Accessories yesterday, I thought some of you might want to see some ideas on how to wear your hair using those accessories. Here are a few pictures using great hair clips, combs, broaches, and a bird cage veil.

(all images from

And if you don't think you have enough hair to get the style you want, don't despair, talk to your hair stylist. What they can do these days with real and synthetic hair extensions and pieces is fantastic!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trends I Love - Amazing Accessories

Brides are beginning to get creative with their accessories for the big day. They are going from veils to head pieces and white shoes to bold colored shoes. Brides are even wearing traditional veils and shoes for the ceremony and then changing it up for the reception, how fun is that? Wearing unique accessories on your big day is a great way to show your style even more, plus...they make for some amazing detail photographs!

I desperately want these pink shoes!!!

Here are a few great vendors/locations where you can pick up some fun and unique pieces for your big day.

September's Bride - veils (traditional/non-traditional) jewelry, wraps, boleros, etc.

Pixel and Hank - Handmade accessories, hair clips, head bands, shoes clips

Kate DeKoster Handmade - Hair pieces, jewelry