Friday, May 9, 2008

Broadway Nails

Okay, how many of you remember the Lee Press on Nails that we grew up with? You stuck them on with practically a piece of two sided tape and couldn't touch anything or even pull your pants up in the bathroom without one popping off? Well as anything else, they have evolved. I was hanging out with my bride and her bridesmaids today before rehearsal and they pulled these boxes from their purses and started putting on nails. But here's the thing...they looked great and so natural!! Even more so than my acrilyic ones!! The brand is Broadway Nails and these particular ones are called "Real Life French". The girls said they stay on for a couple of days (long enough for a wedding weekend). I was so impressed, I'm thinking of taking mine off and just doing these everytime I have a wedding!!!


aletha @ pearls events said...

This is a great tip! I am not a huge fan of faux nails, but these sound perfect for a wedding weekend!

Anonymous said...

well, my nails stayed on until wednesday! (remember, i put them on Friday for the rehersal). I spent Monday, tuesday and wed swimming and snorkeling and they stayed put. They worked great! i epecially reccomend the "active length short" since they look the most natural.