Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Featured ~ Fun Cakes by Kimberly Aya

A new trend is emerging in the wedding industry...fake cakes! But not only that but with Fun Cakes you can design your own cake and rent it for your wedding day.

Fun Cakes owner, Kimberly Aya has been decorating cakes for years. She has been trained under Colette Peters in the art of gumpaste and fondant and is even a teacher herself, teaching classes on cake decorating.

Here's the concept, the outside of the cake is decorated just like a real one, with gumpaste and fondant it's just the inside that is different. The form of the cake is styrofoam so there is no rush, no timelines, no worry of slipping or falling. You have the option of either designing your own personalized cake or using one of the pre-designed styles available. The cost can be up to half the price of a real cake and the design can be much more elaborate. There is a little hidden compartment in the back of the cake where you can put a piece of real cake or even Twinkies to use for the "cake cutting" and then just wheel it in the back and serve up inexpensive sheetcake to the guests.

The cake will be shipped to you in a specially designed box and will arrive to you a day or two before the wedding. If you are renting the cake all you have to do after the wedding is box it back up and ship it back, easy as that!
Fun Cakes owner, Kimberly Aya and her cakes have been featured on The Today Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, The Rachel Ray show and Live at Five in Grand Rapids, to name a few.


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