Sunday, June 1, 2008

For the Love of ~ Organizing

Okay, I'm already self-aware that I'm a dork. I love to organize! Anything and everything. If you currently could see my office you wouldn't question that statement! But, that's exactly my point, right now my office is a mess because I'm making the invitations to my upcoming 30th birthday party (I'm so old!). My husband was thrilled when I said I wanted to plan it and I was just as thrilled that he didn't care...I wanted to organize every detail myself. Does that make me a little controlling or just good at my job? I prefer to think the second, but pretty sure it's a little of both.

I used to love playing in my dad's office when I was little, all the file cabinets and drawers, everything had it's place. I thought I wanted to be a teacher...but then I realized it was only because of all the office supplies they have. I LOVE office supplies!!! My favorite place in the office I used to work at was the supply room, stacks and stacks of Post-its what could be better!!! Who doesn't love sticky notes?!

I love to help couples organize all the details for their big day. Making lists of contacts, decor, vendors and especially time lines (using office supplies along the way, of course). My favorite part of my job is the final result, when all the details fall into place and witnessing the look on the bride's face when she can finally see her dream in reality.


Lisa Stone said...

Here's to organized dorks! Now if only my family would follow my lead! My three boys are more disorganized than I can handle!

By the way, I am hoping that there is a spot for me on your list of vendors! ;b

aletha jo said...

Love that organizational system photo.

Annette *swankytables* said...

How much do you love your label maker? It is my favorite!

Isis said...

You're not a dork...just slightly obsessed. It's what makes you fabulous...ask me how I know!

Good luck with planning your birthday party :)