Monday, June 23, 2008

Garden Party ~ Bridal Shower

Trying to come up with a fun idea for a Spring or Summer Bridal Shower? How about a Garden Party? I don't mean Garden Party in the traditional sense of tea and cucumber sandwiches (not that you still couldn't incorporate those too) but in the sense of "gardening".

A backyard or a beautiful garden would be the perfect venue for this event. Use patio furniture or chairs under large umbrellas to keep your guests comfortable yet cool.

Gift ideas for the bride or the guests...put together gift baskets of gardening tools, apron, gloves, packets of seeds etc. You can label the items with cute sayings such as "growing together in love".

Game ideas could include something as simple as "name that flower" or as intricate as "whiff of herbs". Centerpieces of potted flowers would fit this theme wonderfully. You could use terra cotta pot saucers as serving pieces or make sift chargers.

Incorporating fresh herbs and edible flowers would be a great touch for the food aspect of the shower, and maybe some fresh squeezed lemon aide and iced tea.

There are so many creative things you use for a gardening shower, so many little details you could incorporate. Have fun planning!!!

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Lisa Stone said...

I love that idea!