Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Grandparents Wedding ~ 1947

When my great aunt passed away a few years ago, someone in my family found a bunch of video tapes, I'm not sure if they were 8mm or even an earlier version of recording technology. Well just in the last month or so my cousin got his hands on these tapes and realized that one of them contained my Grandparents wedding ceremony from 61 years ago!! How thrilled was I to hear about this, especially since he transfered it over to DVD.

My grandfather was in WWII and so they were not married until he returned home after the war, he was 27 and she was 24. They held the wedding at my great-grandparents home in the living room, very intimate. Of course, back then they didn't have the money to spend on large wedding venues or anything else wedding related for that matter. And the entertainment? setting out the gifts for everyone to check out. So classic, I just love it.

Such an amazing and handsome couple. Grandma...thank you for watching this with me and telling me who everyone was and Grandpa...we miss you and wish you were here with us still.

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SJO Photography said...

Oh my goodness, that is SO special! I love it!