Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Including Your Man

When my hubby and I were getting married I wanted to include him in the planning. Well, at first I did, then he didn't seem interested so I just went about the planning asking him occassionally what he thought. There were a few touches that were ALL him, such as the Metallica during the dinner music...subtle but effective. But some of those touches are the ones I remember the most and I wish I would have done more. I recently saw a U of M garder which I would have loved to surprise him with, maybe if we renew our vows someday!

Some of my couples this past year included little touches that both couples enjoyed but were inspired by the groom...

Kevin and Jess were a couple I worked with that live in Ireland. Kevin is Irish and Jess is from the Grand Rapids area, what a fun couple.

The couple both participate in a sport called hurling in Ireland...Kevin is quite well known. Jess and her sisters created these adorable place cards with pictures of hurlers with the guests name and table number at the top.

The place cards were in baskets with dirt and grass to look like the playing field. I had such a good time setting it all up.

For the guest book they used a "hurley" which is the stick used in the sport. All the guests really enjoyed leaving fun messages for the couple on it.

Another fun touch they added was that instead of just numbering the tables they called them different hurling positions such as Center Forward. This was such a fun and creative wedding, thank you Jess and Kevin for letting me be a part of it.
Tune in later this week for part II of "Including Your Man" for Ellen and Jerry's wedding details.

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