Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Featured: Legacy Photo Design

I received an email last week from Rich of Legacy Photo Design. Legacy is a company out of Northern Indiana that specializes in unique one of a kind wedding products. The new product that Rich was introducing to me were "movie" posters, or at least that is what they look like. These posters are created using pictures of the bride and groom and are made to look just like a movie poster that you would see if a theater. They are really unique and very fun. Please check out their website for yourself and read my interview with Rich below.

How long have you been in the photo design business?

I have been a freelance artist for over 25 years. I did my first photo collage of my son just about 10 years ago. Funny thing is when I was 19, me and two other friends started a design company. 2 of us left after a couple of years and now that company is worth millions. True Story.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

Hearing a client say "Do you take Visa!" No, seriously, I would have to say fulfilling that artistic desire to design. When you are an artist, you are compelled to create. When you are creating you are doing what God made you to do. A close second would be my customers reaction to their design. I have seen lots of tears and even a few big hugs!

Where do you come up with the ideas for your designs?

Since I was young I have always loved movie posters. Indiana Jones, Star Wars etc. Doing photo collages for 10 years was kind of the pre-cursor to the Movie Posters. I am always looking to improve upon my work and sometimes it means taking an idea in a completely different direction. The actual designs come about on the fly.

Does having four children help inspire your work?

Oh yeah. When your kids are in private school, you have to be inspired! As I said before my first photo design was of my son and they have been an integral part of my portfolio ever since. I just wish I could create designs based on some of the things they say...!

What are some other interests you have outside of photography and graphic design?

I coach both my boys in baseball. So that is pretty time consuming. Since design work is my job, woodworking has become a hobby of mine. I have also spent lots of time over the years teaching men who are incarcerated, it is very rewarding. And I am a facebook junkie...!

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