Sunday, August 30, 2009

DIY Petal Cones

I offered to run some errands and pick up some last minute items for a client and on the list were paper cones for the tossing rose petals. Easy enough I thought, I'll just go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and pick some up. Ummm...nope! My mom and I were out one day and looked everywhere! We even started just looking for anything that we could make into cones, I was getting very frustrated. A couple of days later my mom called from the parking lot of Walmart saying "she thinks she found something that would work". Walmart carries a line of Wilton cake supplies including...10" white grease proof doilies with a lace like die cut edge. My mom is brilliant!!!

There are 10 doilies per package for $1.98, so out of one package you can get 20 cones. For this wedding we only needed 40 so it cost us under $4!

Step 1: Cut the doilies in half to make 20

Step 2: Roll each half into a cone shape, there is a smooth side and a rough side of the pattern, I rolled it with the rough side facing in. After a couple you will figure out the trick to getting the edges to line up.

Step 3: Tape or glue stick the edges, both inside and out. I used a small piece of double sided tape on the top corner where the pattern is because there isn't a lot to hold glue there.

Step 4: Fill with flower petals of your choice!

Have fun and enjoy!!