Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flavorful Favors for under $1

There are two things I look for when chosing favors, okay maybe three.

  1. I find that guests love edible favors. Chocolates, jelly beans, M&Ms, anything tasty. Even a candy buffet is a great idea, just place a bag or box at the table with a cute note and have the guest fill them with all of your favorite candies.
  2. With all the money you are putting into the rest of your wedding, favors should be reasonably priced. Since you are giving one to every person the cost of favors can add up quickly.
  3. Whatever you give your guests as their favor should represent your overall look and feel of the wedding. The biggest way people do this is by incorporating your color scheme and any graphic they may be using.
The favors above were extremely easy to make and the cost came in for under $1 a piece! All the supplies for both favors pictured were purchased at Michaels.

I will start with how to make the favors in the top picture, the tulle with the cute charms.
  • The tulle is available is pre-cut circles to make it easier to gather and tie and comes in different colors. Another super easy way to get this same sort of look is to purchase organza bags with pull ties (look on ebay if you want a specific color)
  • Cut your chosen ribbon to a good length that you will be able to get a nice bow out of, slip on the charm before you tie the bow.
  • Lay out the tulle circle and place your candy in the center, gather the edges together.
  • Tie the ribbon around the tulle just above the candy and make a cute bow.
  • Enjoy!
How to make the boxes with the ribbon bows.
  • The boxes are available in rectangular ivory or white squares and they come in boxes of 100.
  • The boxes are very easy to fold together.
  • Place a square of tissue paper inside to surround the candy. Use paper in your wedding color to add a little splash when the boxes are opened.
  • Fill the boxes with your candy, we used Assorted Gourmet Jelly Beans from GFS Marketplace stores. A 1/2 cup fit into the rectangle boxes.
  • Next we cut the ribbon to a length that would wrap the box and provide a good sized ribbon.
  • Tie the ribbon around the box and...voila! Adorable favors for under $1 each.
Here is one done using the square white boxes.

Have fun!

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