Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On-site Coordinators

I am often asked if couples should still hire an independent day of coordinator if their reception venue has an on-site coordinator. The answer is Yes.

Most reception venue have someone on their staff that acts as an on-site coordinator, working directly with the couples and as a liaison between the couple and the venue staff. But remember they are employed by the venue not by you, they will always have their own best interest in mind not yours. Depending on the size of the venue this coordinator may have other responsibilities beyond special events so their focus may be in multiple areas. If you have issues with one of your other vendors (DJ, florist, caterer, etc.) you will be the one handling this on your big day, not them. It is very frustrating when couples give all their wedding details to the event coordinator at the venue and work with that specific person during the entire planning process and then that person is not working the night of the reception and those details have not been passed on.

Hiring an independent coordinator takes a lot of pressure off of you and your family. They will deal with any issues that come up. When you hire someone they are being paid to be your advocate and to take care of your needs. And often you have worked closely with your coordinator over the last few months and have built a good relationship with them. You have gone over all the details with your coordinator, they know the event as well as you do so this will help to eliminate people bombarding you with questions all night and help to keep things from falling through the cracks. And of course, the obvious reason of having your own coordinator. This person will be with you all day, running the ceremony, the set up and then the reception.

On-site coordinators serve their purpose and can be very helpful when you have questions regarding the venue and its policies. But if you are in need of assistance on your big day and are concerned with having any issues handled in your best interest don't hesitate, hire a day of coordinator.

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