Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anniversary Journal

A few years ago I bought a journal. The title on the front says "Cherished Hopes, Treasured Dreams". It is a pretty book with a quote on every few pages like: "Recall it as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears out." - Libbie Fudim. The purpose of this journal was to record Derek and I's marriage so that someday when our children and grandchildren wanted to have that history it would be all written down for them. My goal was to write in it on every anniversary and tell about the past year in our life together. A wonderful and beautiful goal, I believed and still do.

I just came across this journal again while organizing and when I flipped it open I noticed I have only recorded one year of our six together. At first it made me sad, then I wondered why this is and I think that every time I come across the journal it isn't our anniversary so I set it aside until the next year. What a stupid thought! Just because it's not the exact date of our wedding doesn't mean I can't reminisce about the year that has just past us.

I think I'm going to sit down tonight and write in the journal - I'm only a month late this year. How can I not want to share the joys the past year have brought us...our son!!! And then someday when we are gone he will be able to share our love and our family with his own. Maybe I will even start adding a picture each year!!

Do you do anything special to document your years together? Maybe this would be a great thing to begin on your honeymoon together. Reminisce about the wedding and talk about your goals for the future.

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