Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Being Well "Groomed"

I recently read an article by Peter Scott author of "Well Groomed". The article included tips that every groom should know before he (tries to) helps his bride plan their wedding. Thought they should be shared...

1. Don't freak out if your bride puts a zillion items on your gift registry. Remember: Unlike that weird lamp you got from Aunt Zelda, registry gifts can be returned.

2. Just because you know someone in a band, it doesn't mean that group should play at your wedding.

3. It's nice if your best man is a good friend, but it's even more important that he be reliable.

4. If your bride and her mom have a disagreement about a wedding planning details, always side with your bride.

5. The fact that you've never met someone doesn't count as a good reason for not inviting him/her to the wedding.

6. If your bride has a mini-meltdown during the planning, just give her a hug and tell her everything's right on schedule (even if that's a lie).

7. Try on your ring before the wedding day to be sure it fits. You don't want to be combing the ballroom floor at 3 am because your ring slipped off.

8. Whatever amount you've budgeted for the booze, add 20 percent. And then another 50 percent. Now you've got an accurate number.

9. If you don't own a tux, consider buying one. It will look nice, smell nice, and actually fit. (And no matter what it costs, it will be cheaper than your bride's dress).

10. If you're writing your own vows, make sure your bride isn't speaking for 20 minutes when all you've come up with is, "You're awesome baby".

11. No matter where or when you take a honeymoon, call ahead and have a bottle of champagne waiting in the hotel room.

12. If you have friends who are guaranteed to make inappropriate toasts, don't pass around the microphone at the rehearsal dinner. In fact, why are those friends even at the rehearsal dinner?

I think my favorite for sure is #10, too funny!