Friday, October 16, 2009

Get To Know - Amy Boeve Photography

I am always nervous when I go to places and don't know anyone. A few months ago when I was at one of my first MWEP meetings I didn't know many people and was just standing over to the side surveying the room. All of the sudden I was approached by one of the sweetest people ever! Amy Boeve came over and introduced herself and I just knew it was the start of a great relationship, both professionally and personally.

Amy has an amazing eye for photography, she is truly blessed with great talent. If you are looking for great pictures and a great experience you must check her out.

Here is a little more about Amy Boeve Photography....

  1. What type of services do you offer to your clients?

    I offer fun, fresh wedding photography and modern portraits. I specialize in relaxed photojournalism where I strive to capture natural moments between a couple!

  1. How long have you been in the photography industry and where are you located?

    While photography has been a passion of mine for several years this is my second summer shooting weddings professionally. I fell in love with capturing couples on their wedding day. I am located in Grand Rapids but also do a lot of work in the Detroit area.

  1. What type of couples do you like to work with (traditional, modern, etc.)?

    I enjoy working with couples who are relaxed and looking to have a good time with their photography! I love when couples can have fun and I always take lots of laughing photos:)

  1. Is there anything within your business that you specialize in?

    I specialize in wedding photojournalism which basically means I capture natural moments as they are happening. I will pose a couple but then tell them to cuddle into each other, talk and play. During that time I end up getting the most romantic relaxed photos!

  1. What do you think sets you apart from other vendors in the industry?

    I think what sets me apart is my ability to connect with my brides. I love getting to know couples before their wedding! I strive to capture their personalities and have their pictures reflect who they are. I also love to make couples laugh and am willing to act like a dork to accomplish this:)

  1. When you’re not busy working weddings for couples, how do you like to spend your downtime?

    I am a wife, a doggy mom, and a dancer:)

(couldn't do a post about Amy without including Mocha!)

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Taryn said...

Love Amy...she is my favorite vendor, by far!! Great post. :)