Friday, October 2, 2009

Get To Know - Chic Chair Covers

This week I am featuring Bianca from Chic Chair Covers. Bianca and I met this summer and immediately hit if off, we even both have Boxers! Here is a little about CCC.

Chic Chair Covers, LLC (CCC) offers white banquet style chair covers and organza sashes in a variety of different colors. The owner, Bianca Tompsett, runs the business from her home in Allendale where she meets with clients to see our products and find the perfect sash color to compliment the events decor.

Bianca, a graduate of Ferris State University's College of Business, has a passion for weddings and events in general. With five years of experience working directly with events, from planning to advertising, she knew she wanted to have her hand in events in some way. After planning her own wedding in 2007, she realized the wedding industry is where she wanted to focus her energy.

"I've been a guest at far too many receptions where the couple uses chair linens, but the sashes are on the floor by the end of the night. One thing you'll notice about our high quality organza sashes is that they're slightly thicker than our competitors, so it stays on the chair and holds it form better than others," Tompsett said.

Bianca offers many services for free that other chair linen providers often charge extra for. She personally sets up the chair covers with her team, as well as steams them on-site, for no extra charge. She takes pride in the finished product, as it adds a lot to the ambiance of the room.

"I can remember my wedding day distinctly. One thing I definitely didn't want to deal with was setting up chair covers and sashes. I just wanted to focus on getting ready, staying relaxed, and having a good time. So, we ended up paying someone to do the set-up for us....which added up quickly! That is why I opted to offer free set-up and steaming of all chair covers and sashes. That way the room will look crisp and clean, and the bride doesn't have to lift a finger," Tompsett said.

When she's not working she enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog Bella, a Boxer. She enjoys traveling, photography, party planning, and anything design related.

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