Thursday, February 4, 2010

Picking the Big Date

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Every girl dreams of her big day, the day she will marry her Prince Charming. But we all dream of it in a different way. A different season, different location, different style. I wanted to get married in the fall, it's both my husband and I's favorite season by far and we couldn't picture it any other way. One couple I know chose their date because it worked well for the majority of their family that was employed by schools. Another couple is still in college and picked the date based on their spring break schedule.

How did you pick your wedding date? Did you want to get married on or near a specific date for sentimental reasons? Or did you want to marry in a certain month and your date was the only one available by the venue?

I would love to hear your stories!!


Andy Owen said...

My wife wanted to get married on July 4th so that every year on our anniversary we'd have fireworks. I don't care that much about fireworks and was more concerned that we'd have ANYONE show up (not just for the holiday, but many of our friends were involved in a music festival in the south that year that fell on the date), so we just bumped it back a couple weeks. Every year she pretends the fireworks are hers... *ahem* "ours" anyway. :)

Michelle@Memorable Events said...

I always thought the 4th would be cool too, you could exit to the guests holding sparklers and of course the fireworks! But I agree, no one would come because they'd all be at their cottages for the weekend!