Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Michigan's Best - Winter

This post took me a little longer to write because well frankly, I just wasn't looking forward to Winter! It is a beautiful season in Michigan, we have some of the most gorgeous snowfall and when those large flakes settle on the trees, it is a literal winter wonderland.

Larissa Gartner of Larissa Christine Photography shared a couple of pictures from a fantastic winter wedding she shot. I love the snow falling in the last two shots!

Two of my favorite winter color palettes are icy blues and whites/ivories. When you are trying to showcase a winter wonderland theme, I believe the "colder" the colors the more you will be able to pull off that theme. Crisp whites and ivories are beautiful together, the simplicity makes it elegant and classic.

(images from theknot, google)

Blues in multiple shades are perfect for winter as well. I think of ice when I see them together, especially with fantastic lighting.

(images from theknot, google images)

Great ideas for favors could be small snow globes or even personalized ornaments for each couple. I also love the idea of your bridesmaids carrying hand muffs or bouquets made of branches of crystals, all fabulous.

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