Friday, March 26, 2010

Michigan's Best - Fall

This post may be a little biased, I am a LOVER of fall! In my opinion, it is the best season in Michigan by far. Not many states get to enjoy this season like we do with the leaves changing, that magical smell in the air and well, we have U of M football ;) When my hubby and I picked our wedding date there was no question it was going to be a fall wedding, September 26 ended up being perfect.

One great inspiration from fall are all the farmer's markets, we are blessed with such an array of amazing produce that is available locally. Lynell Shooks from Lizzie Photo shared this gorgeous fall wedding with me. This couple decorated using local produce as centerpieces, including gourds, pumpkins and apples. They decided to stay local with everything which I think is fantastic. All the fallen leaves are incredible in these gorgeous photos, thanks Lynell for sharing!!

There are so many amazing color combinations that can be used with a fall event. Oranges, golds, browns, even shades of burgundy reminiscent of wine. Michigan has multiple areas that are known for their wineries. In the northern Lower Peninsula such as Traverse City and the Leelanau Peninsula and in the southern part of the state in towns such as Fennville and South Haven. Wineries and vineyards make gorgeous backdrops for events. But of course if you hold your event at one it's a must to send your guests home with a bottle of the vineyards best, perhaps with a personalized label of your choosing.

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