Monday, March 22, 2010

Michigan's Best - Spring

This is a hard weekend to write about spring inspiration, especially after waking up Saturday to snow. Some people may consider winter as the first season of a year but I think that a year starts with the season that signals new beginnings.

For me a lot of the inspiration for spring comes from the nature that is coming to life around Michigan during this early season.

One of the most notorious Michigan blossoms, which also happens to be the state flower, is the apple blossom. It is a delicate blossom that smells amazing! Apple blossoms bloom early May and are a definite sign of spring. The site of the trees covered in these gorgeous flowers is a site to behold. Who wouldn't want to be married in the midst of them?

Apple blossoms provide a gorgeous color palette if you are looking for your spring wedding inspiration, they range from white to pale pink. Michigan is home to hundreds of apple orchards, if you love the blossoms as much as the bride above did, look into having your ceremony at one. Just beware, these delicate blossoms are VERY temperamental, especially to the weather.

Another sign of spring in Michigan are the Robins, who are also the state bird. When the Robins first arrive back from their winter migration you know that good weather is about to follow. One of my all time favorite colors in Robin's egg blue. It is a perfect spring shade of blue, it's happy and romantic.

Some people may shy away from pastel shades during the spring to avoid an Eastery look, but check out these photos from a post by Elizabeth Anne Designs. This combination of Robin's Egg blue and lavender is absolutely lovely and has a certain vintage appeal.

If you like the purple from the lavender above, early spring is the perfect chance to use lilacs as well.

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